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Announcing the Premier CBD Delivery Platform

We are proud to announce that after many months of negotiations, Univeral Hemp has signed a multi-year, broad category, exclusive and semi-exclusive licenseing agreement with Lexaria BioScience.

The official Press Release can be read here or you can download a PDF

“We are pleased to announce our new licensee Universal Hemp whose well respected presence in the hemp industry will enable our patented technology to have widespread use and distribution in high-performance products providing precision dosing, maximum strength, and rapid uptake,”

Chris Bunka, Lexaria Bioscience CE)

Lexaria’s unique drug delivery technology has proven to increase the bioavailability and performance of CBD and other compounds by as much as 10x but that’s just the beginning. This manufacturing technology accelerates onset by 200% and outperforms the competitons for shelf and liquid stability by as much as 3x.

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a new line of bulk ingredient products based on this technology which will enable our customers to more quickly bring food, beverage, and supplement products to market and at a lower cost. But even more importantly, this powerful new technology will empower our customer to definitevely deliver on the promise of CBD and other cannibinoids as a functional ingredient with real efficacy, over the counter.

For media inquiries please contact: Neshama Abraham, Communications Manager (303) 413-8252 or neshama@universalhemp.co, www.UniversalHemp.co

Chad Kahunahana