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Clincal Study: Masking Bitter Taste

Researchers John N. Coupland and John E. Hayesn from the Department of Food Science, The Pennsylvania State University published the article Physical Approaches to Masking Bitter Taste: Lessons from Food and Pharmaceuticals in the Phamaceutical Research Journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists in June of 2016.

CBD, cannabinoids and other hemp-based compounds are like many other active pharmaceutical and food ingredients in that however desirable their bitter taste is often off putting to the consumer. The article explores the source of bitterness and safe and effective best practices for masking the taste to improve palability.

The article recommends five key considerations when implementing a well-designed delivery system. The delivery system should:

”1. … efficiently encapsulate an appreciable amount of the functional component in a form that is easily incorporated into food systems….

2. … protect the functional component from chemical degradation…

3. … release the functional component at a particular site of action… later during digestion to release the active compound so that it becomes bioavailable…

4. … be compatible with the specific food matrix that surrounds it…

5. … be resistant to the various kinds of environmental stresses that a food experiences during its production, storage, transport, and consumption.”

A full copy of the orginal article is avaialble for download here.