Universal Hemp
Manufacturer of High-Performance CBD Bulk Ingredients.

Premium hemp ingredients

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Universal Hemp is Different.

We are a leading B2B supplier and manufacturer of patented high performance CBD and hemp-based raw ingredients for the food, beverage, cosmetic, and supplement industries.

We are a company based on principles.


Unlike most companies in the hemp industry, we invite you to visit our production facilities. You may tour our labs and meet the professionals who are manufacturing your product.


We speak the truth. When you ask where your product comes from, we can identify every source in the manufacturing process. When you ask when my product will be ready we know the answer since we track your product at every step in the production process.


Our team has deep experience in the hemp industry and business world. We reply to emails; we return phone calls; we are reachable directly.  We are dedicated to giving each client extraordinary Customer Service.


Our products are of exceptionally high quality. Whether we are helping a new farmer get the right seeds or clones adapted to his specific bioregion, or supplying a consumer package goods company thousands of kilos of > 99.5% CBD isolate a month, we guarantee our products meet the most stringent standards of quality.


Our team includes national leaders in the hemp industry who have been building the U.S. supply chain since 2012. We founded the National Hemp Association, the Hemp Marketplace, and are recognized for our integrity and knowledge in sustainable sourcing for hemp biomass, extraction technology, private labeling solutions, and supply chain management for farmers, processors, businesses, and organizations.


Dependable Partnerships with Farmers, Labs and Customers

We partner with extraction labs and leading consumer packaged goods manufacturers to supply premium hemp products. To service our customers across the U.S., we maintain offices in three time zones:

East Coast - Brooklyn, NY, (929) 202-5585

Western U.S. - Boulder, CO, (303) 413-8252

Hawaii - Honolulu, HI (808) 465-3657


(808) 465-3657

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